Now providing Tele-Optometry by DigitalOptometrics, patients with or without an appointment are able to receive a comprehensive eye exam, conducted by an optometrist, which are completed on average in less than 30 minutes. Please contact us for more information.

“DigitalOptometrics has developed new optical software which permits Patients at an optical exam location to receive a “comprehensive eye health examination” to be performed by a licensed Optometrist from a location remote from the Patient.

The capabilities of a live remote video conference between the Optometrist and Patient and remote operation of optical equipment is utilized. The result is a complete eye health examination with subjective visual findings by an Optometrist followed by the delivery of an accurate prescription to the Patient for the correction of vision within minutes of the examination conclusion.

Tele-Optometry by DigitalOptometrics utilizes new advancements in technology making comprehensive eye exams conducted by an Optometrist convenient to Patients, with or without an appointment, and performed on average in less than 30 minutes.”